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Why do relationships have to be so hard?

by | Dec 9, 2021 | Insight, Relationships | 0 comments

Most relationships start with fire but over time turn into a firestorm, or cool down and ice over completely, or both! Somehow, we began to grow apart from each other and one day the distance became unbearable. This process happens in both datings, short-term and long-term relationships. Seeing this process happen, again and again, we feel frustrated, desperate and eventually even giving up.

We started to ask “WHY? Why did this happen? Did I do something wrong? Is there anything wrong with me?” But there is no clear answer. Naturally, this leaves us with emotional scars and we then protect our heart by closing it or being half-hearted in our relationships. We feel a sense of safety and control. However, deep down we feel unsatisfied and we know we want more: more LOVE, more Appreciation and more Intimacy.

It’s interesting that there is no “school” for relationships. So where do we learn how to “do relationships”?  A portion of this knowledge, we perceived from past relationships. But the most significant and UNCONSCIOUS lessons, we actually learned by observing and experiencing as a child and it becomes our subconscious, the 95% that direct our daily life and interaction in relationships. So maybe, if you are blaming yourself for your relationship challenges or heartbreaks, it’s possible that it isn’t really your fault.

Knowing the root cause of your relationship challenges above, you are now empowered to make a choice: Staying the same or Making a shift? YES! You can make a change and have the most amazing relationship too. You deserve a deeply fulfilling relationship where your partner meets you in love, friendship and co-creating your future together.

A Wholehearted Relationship is where both partners have made the conscious choice to process and let go of old patterns so they don’t repeat past mistakes.
Don’t compromise in love! Receive YOUR Wholehearted Relationship!

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