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Let’s talk about the elephant in the room

The culture of risk aversion in your organisation is crippling your ability to innovate and improve.

Leading change and innovation in this environment feels like trying to wade through mud!

What’s worse is this culture of risk aversion leaves your organisation vulnerable to being disrupted by startups and other companies who have worked out how to embrace innovation.

Disrupt yourself or be disrupted. And we see this time and time again…

  1. Netflix put Blockbuster out of business
  2. Canon and other digital camera innovators got the jump on kodak because kodak feared disrupting themselves and their successful analogue camera business.
  3. Uber has successfully disrupted the taxi industry while also disrupting governments, legislation and policy-makers behind public transport systems around the world.

So we understand the risk of inaction and we understand no large organisation private or public sector is safe.

Yet, in our recent research, only 3% say disruptive innovation is common practice in their organisation.

So, what’s holding us back?

Our research from the last 6 months reveals 5 key challenges that large organisations are facing, a culture of extreme risk aversion being one of them.

You can download the whitepaper and read all about it. Or, attend the upcoming web event.

Are you sick of hearing about the latest technology your organisation needs to buy to be “digital”?

Well we’re going to bust open the real reason digital and innovation fails and under-delivers in large organisations and it’s pretty raw, we don’t sugar-coat it, why should we, you’ve seen it already. This is the elephant in the room, and we’re putting it on the table.

By attending the web event, you’ll:

  • understand the 5 Key Challenges of Digital Transformation in 2018
  • learn how you can overcome them
  • understand your role in leading this transformation…

… including the impact AI will have on your role over time…

So make 2018 the year you rise above the challenges, step out of the mud and lead successful innovation in your organisation.

Register now at and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

About the author

Andrew Ramsden

Founder Peak State and host of Alpha Geek Podcast

Andrew Ramsden is a speaker, trainer, coach and podcast host specialising in digital and technical leadership.

Andrew founded Peak State to help organisations keep up with the ever-changing world around us.

He has a particular passion for leadership development, especially helping technical professionals level-up and unleash the great leader within.