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That leadership look—your stunning professional headshot

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What first impression are you making as a leader?


It’s one thing to be a good leader, but if you’re not presenting yourself confidently and professionally you’re not making the right first impressions.

Most of us are guilty of not making the effort or not knowing how to make our online profiles and avatars match how amazing we really are in person.

One of the hardest parts to get right is a powerful and impactful profile photo that really does you justice.

This exclusive session with Jason Malouin will provide you with a photo that makes you look how you feel at your best as a leader!

Get a powerful profile photo

Receive your powerful and impactful headshot that looks how your feel at your best

That leadership look

Jason will guide you through how to present your best leadership look in your session


LinkedIn for leaders

Also receive the LinkedIn For Leaders Playbook, exclusive guide to making your online profiles stand out

That leadership look—your stunning professional headshot

Participants get

  • An exclusive 1:1 portrait session with Jason Malouin
  • High-quality portrait photo as a result of the session
  • The LinkedIn for Leaders Playbook to guide you through how to make an impact online through your profiles

Session overview

  1. How to get the best look for your profile
  2. Your exclusive photo shoot session
  3. How to access the LinkedIn for Leaders Playbook
  4. Download your profile photo after it’s been lovingly prepared by the Portrait Store team

“This is a highly abbreviated version of our most basic headshot session, which is how we can deliver such unbelievable value. Jason can work pure magic in 10 minutes so you’ll walk away with 1 x high resolution, fully-retouched headshot that will be the best you’ve ever had!! This is only possible because of our special partnership with Peak State”

The Portrait Store

About Jason

Jason’s work can be seen on the pages of Entrepreneur, GQ, Forbes, Financial Review, dozens of book covers and billboards & bus stops in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

His understanding of light, lines and gesture is only surpassed by his understanding of how to get the best look from each professional he works with.

Read more about Jason

“A friend of mine on LinkedIn had the most amazing shots taken by Jason, and while I was apprehensive (not being very photogenic), I’m so glad I went through with it! People are always commenting on my photo and I’m so proud to share it with the world.I think he’s captured a very powerful image of me, I’d highly recommend working with him.”

Amy Roche, Retail Rockstars

Session outcomes

Outcomes for participants

  • A high-quality professional headshot for use on email, internal communication and collaboration platforms, and online platforms including LinkedIn.
  • Learn how to pimp your professional profiles online to stand out from the crowd and present yourself in the best way possible (focused on LinkedIn).
  • The confidence to present yourself as the powerful and impactful leader you are.

Outcomes for supervisors

  • Increased staff confidence
  • Improved clarity for internal communications
  • Get your professional headshot done at the same time!

Outcomes for the organisation

  • Improved clarity on communication and collaboration platforms
  • Consistency and quality across how staff present themselves on internal platforms and online

LinkedIn for Leaders

Peak State have teamed up with personal branding extraordinaire Petra Zink to bring you the ultimate Playbook for maximising your professional connections and influence online. The only way to access this amazing ebook is to register for this event.

Thank you all, we had a blast!

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Common questions

What’s this all about?

  • Does your LinkedIn profile do you justice as a leader?
  • Do you ever get asked to provide your photo for newsletters, or agendas or profiles and you feel awkward or embarrassed by the photos you have?
  • Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a headshot you can use where you look the way it feels to be a leader: Confident, competent and influential?

Every leader should have a professional headshot. This is how you make the right impression on LinkedIn, your resume, even your email and internal chat tools.

Peak State have teamed up with (no joke) the best headshot photographers in Australia (and probably the world) The Portrait Store to bring you this very special event.

Headshots of this quality would usually cost over $550. But because of how efficient and leveraged this event will be, you can have your own selection of two extremely high quality professional headshots for only $188.

This package will boost your credibility and confidence. Ultimately it’s an incredible investment in your professional image and your future career.

As part of the package, we will also be providing access to our LinkedIn for Leaders guide: Our step-by-step ‘How to’ manual to optimise your LinkedIn profile to stand out from the crowd, impress new connections and attract the right attention online as a leader among leaders.

Why run these events?

Peak State and The Portrait Store do this as a way to say thank you to the community of leaders in Brisbane. For every package sold we will be donating to Free To Shine to support the amazing work they’re doing to prevent sex-trafficking in South East Asia.

But I’m not photogenic! I can’t smile on demand! I always look wrong! Etc…

Part of the magic of The Portrait Store is they have a fool-proof formula for getting the right look from every subject. Trust me, Jason is a certifiable genius at this and he’ll coach you through every step of the way so you’re guaranteed to look as beautiful and influential as you feel.

How to register?

Sign up here. There will be limited places available on the day. First come first served. We expect this event to sell out fast!

What to wear?

Smart business attire. But no need to go over the top.
Ladies… makeup / hair, you can touchup at the venue if you would like to.

You will be shot against a white background to maximise the amount of use you can get out of the shots, so consider wearing colours that provide contrast with white. Like a darker top or a coloured jacket. More detail on what to consider below…

How will it work on the day?

We will book you in for an approximate time slot. However, there may be slight delays, so factor in 45 minutes. While you’re waiting chat with the other amazing leaders who will be attending.

On the day Jason will talk you through it and make sure you nail the shot as a team.

After the photos are taken you’ll get the chance to preview them and choose your final two images.

After the day, The Portrait Store will develop and prepare the final high-quality headshots and make them available for you to download in high resolution for print work and medium and low resolutions for use online.

For a more detailed look at Jason working his magic, check out the full session behind-the-scenes video.

What to wear? (notes from Jason)

You’ve Gotta ‘Do You’…

Ladies and Gents

There are some standard answers to this question that have been tried and tested over the centuries and proven successful.  A simple black shirt can be one of the most powerful ways to frame human expression. Or any single, block colour for that matter.
My own personal stylistic preference?  The simpler, the better. I always want less distraction from the expressions we spend so much time developing.
But on the other hand, where would we be without fashion?  We use clothes to help fully express ourselves in the world each day. Obviously I appreciate self expression and would always steer you toward what is most honest and authentic.  If that means epic florals or crazy, colourful, geometric patterns… well, you’ve gotta do you***.

***disclaimer***  If you’re “going to do you” then I strongly suggest bringing along some simpler options… just in case.

Give it your best guess. Bring lots of options.

Here’s a good example of what usually goes wrong.
A lady came in a little while back with one of the most ‘boss’ suits I have ever seen.  She did a bit of public speaking and this was her very favourite piece. She said she felt like she had superpowers whenever she wore it.  We tested and found that the texture of it was hideous up-close, on camera. I stood there… looking at her in front of me… and then looking at the monitor with the test images…  and then back again. Neither of us could believe how different it looked On Camera (terrible) vs. In Real Life (amazing).

2 Frustrating Things You Should Know

1. Certain things look TERRIBLE on camera that you would never realise until you get into the light and test the outfit.

Sometimes it’s our most expensive, favourite, most confidence-inspiring pieces that just sometimes just don’t work up-close, on camera.  It’s weird and it’s really hard to pick beforehand.
It can sometimes be as simple as a tighter knit…  or a looser knit, for that matter. It could be the way certain fabrics hold a structure that just doesn’t frame your face well for a few reasons…  It could be any tiny detail normally imperceptible outside the scrutiny of up close portraiture. It all comes down to the fabrics/ textures/ patterns/ fit & form.
It’s always best to bring lots of options.

2. Certain things look AMAZING on camera that you would never realise until you get into the light and test the outfit.

Sometimes it’s “that old thing” we’ve worn for years… It’s amazing how a piece of clothing can just become a part of us.  I’ve got a totally plain, dark dark grey, long sleeve, button shirt with a collar that is just… my shirt. I’ve had it for years.  It’s casual but dressy but simple. I wear it for anything and everything and somehow it just works. If I were being photographed, it would come with me.

Bonus Tip:I recommend bringing one piece that surprises you or makes you feel a little bit (more) outside your comfort zone. Something way more formal (or way less) than you would have realised… A bolder colour than you would have thought possible… Maybe it’s time to bring back the 80’s shoulder pads and you’re the one to restart the trend?  Who knows.
We see right away if it works or not.  If it doesn’t, we don’t waste our time exploring it further.  We just don’t use it. Try something else and move forward is the best way.  That’s why it’s good to have options.

Give it your best guess.  Bring lots of options.


1. We need to talk about your sleeves…well, more precisely the-absence-or-presence-of sleeves.  Especially in Headshots.
Don’t get me wrong here.  I’m not talking about “toned” vs. “tuck shop” (which really should be considered when choosing which clothes to bring).  I’m talking about something as simple as having the right balance of ‘skin’ to ‘not skin’ in a headshot. Pragmatically speaking, a headshot is just hair, face and shoulders. Headshots with an uneven skin / not-skin ratio just feels off somehow.  It tends to un-flatter and visually undermine credibility. Even ignoring the burden of social stigma… a large problem with sleeveless is just a ‘visual balance’ thing that usually feels ‘off’.  I like sleeves.
Sleeveless tops (if appropriate at all) are more suited to the realm of wider, more creative portraiture – waist-up with arms and hands in the frame.  This gives a bit more context and balances out the skin / not-skin ratio with other information in the frame.

2. Jewellery. The most important piece (especially in your headshot) is the necklace.  Mainly, it’s one of the key ingredients that frames your face in a photo (besides hair & neckline).  And part of it comes back to the skin / not-skin ratio. Sometimes adding a necklace to a more ‘plunging’ neckline breaks it up a bit and helps balance out that ration on camera.
Earrings get second place.  Often the expression is so engaging they get overlooked.  Although, short hair ups the earring value and long or voluminous hair diminishes their importance.

Give it your best guess. Bring lots of options.


1. A more fitted suit (any shirt or jacket, for that matter) is always more flattering.  No matter what size you are. For real. Visually, think about a suit that’s too large and what that conveys.  Whether you are standing there in a suit that cost $12,000 or $120… You look like you’re out of your depth… like you’re drowning – in fabric, metaphorically of course… but the visual communication is the same result.  Not a good visual impression. There are lots of surprising subtleties like this that I’ve uncovered over the years.
I have clips and clamps and stuff on hand to try to pinch up some of the looser fabric in order to create a better effect.  The good thing about photography is that we can always cheat a bit.
2. Bring options.  A couple jackets…  A few different shirts…  Some ties (if ties are your thing).  There are pieces and combinations that just look better on camera than others.
I have a contrast ‘rule’ that I recommend to clients… and tend to follow personally.  Based on how are eyes have evolved, you want the brighter things closer to your face because that’s where our attention evolved to go.  Breaking the rule with a bad example would be a lighter coloured jacket and a darker shirt. It unsettles the eye and almost never looks good on camera…  Unless you also have a fedora, thick moustache and a cigar.

This is not written in stone.

Clothing surprises me almost every day.

Give it your best guess.

Bring lots of options.