1 day program

Supercharge your personal productivity in 2023

2023 = Overwhelm!


Emails, meetings, phone calls, actions, priorities, deliverables, articles, STOP… Information and responsibility overload!

In 2023, the pace of work—the pace of life—is ever-increasing. It’s becoming harder to keep up.

But there is a solution, and it’s easier than you might think…


Get time back

Simple productivity tools and techniques that put time back in your calendar every day

Get clarity

Frameworks to help identify what’s truly important, and what to do with tasks that aren’t

Value your energy

Learn when and how to say no, while preserving the good relationships you’ve built.

Supercharge your personal productivity in 2023

Participants get

  • 1 day face-to-face training program
  • Digital access to frameworks, tools, and resources
  • Access to the ‘red phone’ for questions after the event
  • Enrolled in the 4 week productivity challenge to embed the learning

Program overview

  1. The principles of powerful personal productivity
  2. Managing overwhelm and anxiety
  3. Blocking and batching (efficient time management)
  4. Efficiently processing ‘incoming’
  5. Pragmatic prioritisation
  6. Focus and essentialism
  7. When and how to say no, painlessly

Program outcomes

Outcomes for participants

  • More time back in your calendar every day
  • Less stress, anxiety and overwhelm
  • Feel more in command of your work, more time for your high-value activities

Outcomes for supervisors

  • Your staff will be less stressed and able to manage more
  • Staff will come to you with solutions rather than problems
  • Less time spent supporting and re-prioritising day-to-day workloads

Outcomes for the organisation

  • Increased staff productivity
  • Increased staff engagement and wellbeing
  • Better outcomes for customers and the business

“This course has given be time back in my schedule daily. I also taught the skills to my team giving us a 5% boost in our story points, worth $240K a year”

Participant from TabCorp

“In my daily work, I was often swamped with enquiries, project work, ad-hoc requests and unexpected urgent tasks, so it used to be a big challenge to know what to work on and when, but using the time management principles from the course has made it simple. It has given me a range of powerful yet easy-to-apply techniques to prioritise and schedule my work to focus on what’s important, and I’m now more efficient, productive and decisive. I highly recommend the course to anyone interested in making the most of their time.”

Participant from TAFE Queensland

Interested, or have questions?

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