1 day program

Nenda Pamoja—Stakeholder engagement and bringing the organisation on the journey

Cat wranglers apply within


You’d think it would be enough to do a good job. But no good job goes unpunished. There’s always someone who raises a red flag, a risk, a new requirement, or just plain refuses to get with the program.

Often stakeholder management can feel like herding cats!

Your own personal catnip-laced lure lies within, along with proven tools and techniques for improving your engagement and bringing the organisation with you on the journey.

“Ikiwa unataka kwenda mbali, nenda pamoja”

“If you want to go far, go together”

African proverb


Clear priorities

Work out the key relationships to focus on, so you don’t have to be all things to all people


Need vs want

Learn how to determine what your stakeholders actually need (not just what they say they want)


Reduce complexity

Practise reducing complexity by aligning requirements rather than just ‘gathering requirements’


Expanded influence

Learn how to identify what motivates different people and how to structure influential conversations.

Nenda Pamoja—Stakeholder engagement and bringing the organisation on the journey

Participants get

  • 1 day face-to-face training program
  • Digital access to frameworks, tools, and resources
  • Access to the ‘red phone’ for questions after the event
  • Enrolled in the 4 week Engagement Challenge to embed the learning

Program overview

  1. Nenda Pamoja—If you want to go far, go together
  2. Stakeholder mapping—identify and prioritise key relationships
  3. Collaboratively defining shared vision and strategic alignment
  4. Outcome-focused research—wants vs needs
  5. Aligning requirements to reduce complexity
  6. Stakeholder motivations for expanded influence
  7. How to structure influential conversations

Program outcomes

Outcomes for participants

  • Understand the mindset, tools and techniques for effective stakeholder engagement and research
  • Ability to create and maintain high-performing partnerships
  • Ability to bring stakeholders ‘on the journey’ so that projects aren’t just delivered, but they are appreciated and utilised.

Outcomes for supervisors

  • The leaders below you will be able to lead more of the relationships freeing you up for strategic thinking and other high value activities
  • Less time spent ‘putting out fires’ and dealing with stakeholder management issues
  • Your teams will achieve more with the support of their improved partnerships

Outcomes for the organisation

  • Increased staff engagement and productivity across the organisation
  • Teams will achieve more by working better together
  • Ultimately better outcomes for customers and the business

“Dealing with stakeholders used to be a big challenge for me, but the Peak State program has given me reliable, structured techniques for liaising with stakeholders regardless of their background. I’m now much more confident and effective, regardless of whether my task is to inspire, persuade, gather requirements or gain buy-in. I highly recommend the course to anyone in a leadership role.”

Participant from TAFE Queensland

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