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Is it getting harder to commit to marriage or a long-term relationship?

by | Dec 9, 2021 | Insight, Relationships | 0 comments

Is it getting harder to commit to marriage or a long-term relationship?


That was easy! That’s the short answer for sure.

Oh, you want the longer answer? Ok, in that case… There are a number of societal and relationship trends we see in the modern world, and although many of them are arguably very positive, sadly none of them work in favour of committed long-term relationships. Especially as we as a now global society adapt to the new way, there are bound to be teething issues:

  1. The institution of marriage and lifelong commitment just isn’t as common or held in such high esteem as it once was.
  2. Increased sexual liberation and social acceptance and even glamourisation of those who chose to ‘play around’ or choose alternative relationship types, like ‘open’ relationships.
  3. Increased options for men and women to play different ‘roles’ in relationships and life and for those roles to shift over time.
  4. Media and social media often paint quite unrealistic expectations of what we can obtain in our lives and maintain in a state of perfection forever. This leads to FOMO I.e. We want it all. We want to try lots of different relationships. We want the ‘perfect partner’ and for our relationship to always stay ‘perfect’.
  5. We are living longer. “Forever” is now a biiiiger commitment than it ever was before.
  6. IVF means we can now extend the window that women can have children, which takes some of the pressure off women who want children to settle down already and start pumping out babies.
  7. Increased pressures on individuals and families. On average our world now moves at a faster pace than ever before. Housing prices continue to increase, many families struggle to keep food on the table and must have two incomes or take on multiple jobs to keep up. This added strain makes maintaining a healthy relationship increasingly challenging.


None of this is intended to justify or glorify the single life or those who pretend they’re all about commitment when in reality they’ll walk all the way up to that line before running in the opposite direction.

“Fear of commitment” isn’t just a throwaway line from every 90’s rom-com ever made. It’s a real thing, and affects both men and women, and it’s only been exacerbated by the trends above.

So, are long-term relationships worth it?


That was easy too hey? Well at least we believe so.

There’s nothing more fulfilling and exciting than a wholehearted relationship!

In a wholehearted relationship you can feel committed and still fully free as an individual to pursue your dreams. Your partner will always have your back and love you unconditionally.

In this way, you can have it, feeling satisfied in all aspects of your life including: your health, happiness, business, career, sex life, and even ongoing growth and evolution.

Ultimately a wholehearted relationship can become the solid foundation you need to build your dream life and/or family together.

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