For Executives—Become empowered by Digital Depth

As an executive, you who understand your business, but in this day and age you also need:

  • comfort with digital and technology concepts
  • to be equipped to manage risk, not run from it
  • to be willing to back a good idea and champion it against naysayers protecting their own interests
The Digital Depth Program provides a shortcut for executives in a safe environment to on-board digital thinking, technology concepts, lean startup/enterprise, and support for your role in risk management and championing transformation.
The Program combines one-on-one critical conversations led by proven executive innovators with webinars, and online resources, including tools and frameworks to take away and use in the office.

Meet the faculty

Andrew Ramsden

Andrew Ramsden

Executive coach: Digital technology and leadership

After 15 years successfully leading digital transformation, Andrew brings his experience to bear helping executives gain the digital depth they need to keep up with and flourish in the digital dependent world we now work in.
Jane Hedger

Jane Hedger

Executive coach: Innovation and change leadership

Intuitive and strategic management executive experienced in leading organisational change, crisis response, customer experience and staff engagement within complex environments.
Cameron Aggs

Cameron Aggs

Executive coach: EQ, mindfulness and leadership psychology

Cam is an EQ and mindfulness guru. Featured in Huffington Post, Cam is a leading expert in resilience, stress management, collaboration and innovation.
Steve Gould

Steve Gould

Expert consultant in strategic foresight

Steve coaches and facilitates strategy development for large organisations focusing on relational leadership and foresight modelling.

You get

  • 1 monthly critical conversation with your executive innovation coach
  • Access to the ‘red phone’ email hotline (during business hours), for when you have critical questions that can’t wait.
  • 6 webinars each year on key Digital and business innovation concepts and advancements.
  • Access to the online resources portal to review concepts and download tools
  • Bonus: Exclusive subscription to AlphaImpact: An analysis of recent trends to determine the impact for your business delivered as a short summary to your inbox monthly

It delivers

  • Access to critical conversations when you need it to help guide your digital and innovation journey.
  • Comfort with digital and technology concepts
  • An understanding of the importance of innovation for staying relevant and competitive
  • An understanding of what suppresses innovation, and the environment required for innovation to flourish
  • An understanding of how lean startup methodologies can be used within large organisations to drive innovation successfully
  • An understanding of common risk management and mitigation approaches that still allow innovation to occur
  • An understanding of the executive’s role in supporting innovation and disruption within a large organisation
  • The core values and mindsets that need to be adopted to become digital champions and positive disruptors

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