About Peak State

“Disrupt yourself or be disrupted.”

John Chambers, ex-CEO Cisco

The price of keeping up is continually re-inventing yourself and your business.

Our Story

Peak State was founded by Andrew Ramsden from a passion to help organisations keep up with the ever-changing world around us and succeed with financial, social and environmental goals.


To increase the leadership and innovation capacity of businesses so they can grow, transform themselves, disrupt their industry and become the business they strive to be.


We envision a future where every person feels happy and empowered in their work and personal lives. They are able to realise their potential and help others around them do the same. As a result, businesses achieve far better results for profit, people and the planet.

Our values

At Peak State, our values are more than just words on a wall, they guide everything we do. We like to work with organisations who’s values align with ours.

Partner with integrity

We can achieve more together, and for that trust and reliability are critical

Curiosity and adaptation

Always open to learning about ourselves and others allows us to grow and flourish

Fun and creativity

Enjoy the journey! Relaxation, fun and happiness support creativity and innovation

Work and live with purpose

We strive to realise our potential and help other people and businesses do the same

What’s the difference?

We believe everyone should leave the world in a better state than they found it. We like to give back. We like to make a difference. To that end, we support worthy causes where we can, including:

I'm an Amplifier. Amplify your positive message for the future
Domestic violence is still much higher than it should be. Not only should no one be subjected to it, but it has a surprising impact on Australian businesses and the economy.
B1G1 Business for good
We’ve donated and led initiatives that have resulted in impacts around the world. How many impacts? so far…


Take the #100in100 Challenge 100in100challenge.org
Challenge yourself to engage more in social media, to share valuable content and to raise money for a worthy cause.

Our contribution focus areas

Faculty and associates include

Andrew Ramsden

Andrew Ramsden

Transformational leadership

Andrew Ramsden is one of Australia’s leading experts in digital and large organisation cultural transformation with over 20 years experience. His successes include leading cultural and technical transformations to deliver seamless online service experiences across Queensland Government, boasting significant increases in customer satisfaction and staff engagement.

Andrew regularly speaks at conferences around Australia on digital strategy, organisational transformation and leadership.

Andrew is the host of the Alpha Geek Podcast, showcasing great technical leaders from around Australia, in particular their leadership journeys and lessons.

Daisy Nguyen

Daisy Nguyen

Health and wellbeing

Daisy Nguyen is a certified Holistic Kinesiologist and Mind Body Medicine practitioner in the complementary health and wellness industry. She specialises in supporting and empowering accomplished men and women to expand their success to health, love and joys: a Life 2.0!

With a corporate finance background, Daisy understands the amount of physical, mental and emotional pressure required to achieve success in corporate environment. She has helped hundreds of clients release chronic health issues, physical pain, stress & anxiety and relationship obstacles.

Clients that come to Daisy when they are sick and tired of temporary solutions to chronic pain and stress, ready to live and work in health, harmonious relationships and happiness.

Martin Krippner

Martin Krippner

Collaboration, negotiation and facilitation

Martin Krippner is an elite level facilitator, trainer and negotiator who has delivered many thousands of sessions all around Australia to leaders at every level. What Martin doesn’t know about facilitation isn’t worth knowing and he brings this knowledge and experience to bear in every engagement and intervention.

With a background in theatre and education, Martin understands what it takes to bring an audience on a journey, and this includes your stakeholders and others you need to influence to deliver on your vision.

When it comes to navigating conflict, negotiation and high-pressure communication, Martin supports executives to engage with clarity, confidence and compelling results.

Cameron Aggs

Cameron Aggs

Leadership psychology

Cameron assists organisational clients to remove key psychological and communication barriers to performance. He specialises in using mindfulness techniques to promote real-time stress reduction and on-task performance.

In one-to-one formats he provides C-Suite executives and other leaders with executive coaching options focusing on exceptional mental health as clear sources of competitive advantage. Cameron also focuses on improving team dynamics, to improve staff engagement and collaboration capacity.

Jane Hedger

Jane Hedger

Innovation and change leadership

Intuitive and strategic management executive experienced in leading organisational change, crisis response, customer experience and staff engagement within complex environments.

A connector and ideator, who is energetic, innovative, and creative, with an enthusiasm for developing people and fostering new ways of thinking and working. A resourceful and influential facilitator and leader with strong problem solving skills and an ability to translate strategic vision into action. Well-travelled and passionate about people, books, and experiences with a commitment to improving diversity and inclusion in our workplaces. Changing the world one conversation at a time, with joy and gratitude.

Steven Gould

Steven Gould

Strategic foresight

Steve Gould is a professional futurist facilitator.

Steve has worked in a number of careers spanning military, corporate, vocational education, state and local government, and more recently in higher education and consultancy.

Steve facilitates a futures consultancy which focuses on relational leadership and foresight modelling. A member of the Association of Professional Futurist and a full Institutional Member of the World Futures Studies Federation, Steve has been delivering consulting over the past 10 years as a futurist and published in the Journal of Futures Studies.

Andrew Low

Andrew Low

Transformational leadership coaching

Andrew is a transformational coach who helps leaders and executives unlock their potential by letting go of limiting beliefs and aligning their vision with powerful new mindsets and values.


Michael Urness

Michael Urness

Critical conversations and negotiation

Mike has taken his extensive experience with merger negotiations, conflict and strategic relationship management to teach others how to master negotiation and conflict resolution.
Craig Thomler

Craig Thomler

Digital strategy and innovation

Recognised internationally as a digital, social media and Government 2.0 leader, Craig is one of Australia’s leading digital media strategists and practitioners, having spent 20 years working in the online industry, including five in Australia’s Commonwealth Public Service.

Clients include


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